Why do birds smell [Top 5 reasons]

Why do birds smell [Top 5 reasons]

In this article, I wanted to give you five reasons why your bird might smell. Now typically speaking a healthy bird in a clean environment shouldn’t stink but it may still have quite pleasant odors. For example, my birds sometimes smell like popcorn or cucumber which is really nice, but if your bird stinks that’s usually a sign of something that needs to be changed. So I’m gonna let you know five reasons today why your bird might smell.

Top 5 reasons why your birds smell horrible

1. Birds smell due to poor hygiene

Birds smell due to poor hygiene

Now the first reason is due to poor hygiene. If you don’t clean your bird’s cage thoroughly or frequently, it will not only make the atmosphere smell bad but also your bird will.

They won’t likely be particularly healthy either, I think. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean your bird’s cage at least once a week. This includes cleaning all of the perches, switching out or cleaning the toys, as well as thoroughly cleaning the base and all of the bars.

Additionally, you should perform spot cleaning at least once a day. We do it twice daily because we have excellent substrate bases, but you must maintain that level of hygiene.

It is not allowed to have perches with built-up poop on them or other items of that nature because that creates an unsanitary atmosphere that will smell. So make sure you’re keeping up good cage hygiene.

2. Due to inappropriate petting or excessive petting

Due to inappropriate petting or excessive petting

The second possible reason for your bird’s bad smell is improper or excessive petting. However, when we first rescued our pet bird, she totally stank because at the home before us, she was continually petted all over her body, including her back, without asking permission, and as a result, she stank due to the greasy paws that were all over her body.

She smelled like cheesy feet, I believe. When I passed by, it honestly made me gag. It was terribly sad, and the only way we could get rid of the scent was to bathe a lot.

Bathing the bird allowed her to moult out her feathers, which absorb scents in the surroundings. 

So anything strange will be absorbed by those feathers, and they will stink. It’s the same for those who smoke near their birds, which is obviously not recommended.

If something like that or aerosols are sprayed around birds, the feathers will absorb all of the smell and make them smell bad.

So, while you’re petting your bird, make sure you’re putting them around your head and neck and not stroking them all over their body because this will affect their feathers as well, turning them brown and black and oily while also making them stink.

3. Birds smell because of Infrequent bathing

Birds smell because of Infrequent bathing

The third reason your bird may stink is the same as it is for us, and that is infrequent bathing. Your birds require regular showers since it is beneficial for their skin health, feather health, and respiratory health because they can still clear out their nerves a little bit.

However, in order to be nice and clean, they must bathe on a regular basis. If they aren’t, they may acquire a stinky smell, which no one wants, so make sure you give your bird regular showers.

And if your bird dislikes baths because they are a little stinky, you can actually train them to enjoy bathing again.

4. They could be unwell

They could be unwell

So the next reason your bird might stink is when they are ill. There is no specific ailment that causes a bird to stink. However, different things can cause different sections of your bird to smell.

For example, if your bird is unwell, its poop may smell very bad. Now, generally speaking, bird poop shouldn’t stink unless of course there is a significant buildup of it or they perform their single morning poo in the morning that they have held in overnight. Generally speaking, bird poop shouldn’t smell, so your avian vet should be consulted if it does.

Similarly, bird breath can smell like what they’ve just eaten, which is good, but if they have a very sour or extremely sweet breath, it could be an indication of a yeast infection, or something else not so nice. So, if you notice any changes in your bird’s smell, make an appointment with your avian vet, because it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

5. Due to hormones

Due to hormones

The final reason your bird may be stinky is because of hormones. When their bird’s hormone levels are elevated, it can actually boost their bird’s natural aroma, so keep that in mind.

However, any unexpected odors or increases in scents should be checked up with your avian vet for peace of mind and to ensure that nothing else is wrong.

So that brings me to the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about why your birds might smell. Now if your bird smells nice let me know what they smell like down in the comments. As I said my birds usually smell like popcorn or cucumber which is very pleasant and fresh. But thank you so much for reading and take care.

FAQs on Why do birds smell

Do birds have an odor?

Each species of bird has a specific aroma that is unique to them, and the scents are made up of many components.

Why do bird cages smell?

If the cage and surrounding environment are dirty, the scent will become stronger.

How do I get bird smell out of my house?

You can try sprinkling undiluted white vinegar in the air to neutralize smells rather than using air fresheners. It will first smell like vinegar, but as it fades, you should be fine.

Why does my bird’s breath smell?

The most frequent causes of bad breath in birds are bacterial infections or candidiasis (yeast infection). Make an appointment with your veterinarian if your bird has terrible breath. A veterinarian will be able to identify whether the illness is coming from the oropharynx, respiratory tract, or digestive tract.

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