How to make your bird love you [10 Best tips]

How to make your bird love you [10 Best tips]

All right so you’ve had your bird for quite some time now and you wanted to be like those cute and cuddly birds that you see everywhere on the internet, but before you start thinking about making your bird love you. You should also know how to show it that you love it back.

In this article, I’ll show you different and unique ways how to make your bird fall in love with you and also how to make it feel loved back.

Birds make great pets. The way to their heart can be a bit difficult as they’re so stubborn. But once you’ve earned your trust it will feel so so good to know that a little feathered ball loves you and allows you to cuddle and pet it.

These 10 tips will help you to get your bird to love you and spend time with it.

10 Best tips to make your bird love you

1. Spend time with it

Spend time with it

If you want your bird to love you and to get used to you you have to keep its cage in the room that you spend most of your time in. And also allow your bird some time outside of its cage so it can hang out with you.

2. Share with it

Share with it

The best way to make your bird look at you as if you were a part of its flock is to share food with it.

If you’re eating an apple or any other food that is bird safe try to make chewing sounds and let your bird share the meal with you.

3. Baby talk it to make your bird love you

Another way to earn your bird’s affection is to talk to it as you would with a baby.

Whenever you’re addressing your bird try making high-pitched voices that will grab its attention. And if you’ll repeat the same words every day you might even teach it how to talk.

4. Buy it with treats

Buy it with treats

If you’ll make your bird realize that you are the source of the yummy stuff it will immediately fall in love with you. That is guaranteed.

So every chance, you have tried offering it its favorite treat or even its regular seed mix. Just make sure it takes it from your own hands.

5. Groom it

Groom it

Birds love grooming each other as a part of their flock habits. So if your bird lets you touch it and also enjoys getting scratches by all means go for it.

But if it’s not into it and doesn’t want your hands on it do not force it.

6. Take it while it’s young

It’s not a secret that if you’ll take a young bird and raise it into an adult it will be much easier to make it love you. So if you don’t have a bird yet or you’re planning on getting another one take it while it’s young.

7. Keep it happy to make your bird love you

Keep it happy to make your bird love you

If you want your beard to love you you must do your absolute best to prevent it from getting bored or depressed.

A bored bird will have a hard time bonding with you. So it’s important to have enough toys and different kinds of foods that will make it busy and stimulated.

8. Be gentle with it

Birds are very intelligent, but they won’t understand you if you’re impatient with them.

If you’re forcing your bird to do things it doesn’t want it will really hate you for that. So be patient and gentle with it while taming and handling it.

9. Tame it often to make your bird love you

Tame it often to make your bird love you

Taming your bird is a necessary part of making it love you. You’ll both spend a lot of time together while taming. And your bird will also get lots of treats after following commands.

It’s a great way to bond and make your bear trust you.

10. Let it rest

Giving your bird a break from taming and playing and even just hanging out with you is also important.

You don’t want to overdo the bonding part because birds are known to be free spirits and they’ll want to have some time for themselves too.

How to keep your bird happy (So it will love you more)

A happy bird is a healthy bird and if you clicked on this article it already means that you care a lot about your feathered friend and want to do your absolute best to make sure your little buddy is happy.

These are 5 ways to keep your bird happy every day.

Imagine living your life the exact same way every day, same toys, same environment, and same food. Sounds boring? doesn’t it.

1. Lots of simulations

Lots of simulations

Your bird needs a change every now and then. If you want to keep your word happy you must consistently change and update its toys.

It’s not about putting a massive amount of toys in its cage and thinking that will do, but about keeping two to three main toys inside the cage and changing them every week or so.

This will keep your bird busy and interested in the new toys and it will never get bored.

Same with purchase change your bird’s purchase and their positions in the cage so your bird will investigate around the cage and find new things to do.

2. Roaming time

I know many people still keep their birds caged all the time without giving them the necessary free time outside their cages.

Unless your cage is huge and your bird can fly inside giving your birds some free time outside is a must.

My budgie’s cage is only used for sleeping and eating time and they’re spending most of their time outside, flying around the room playing and having a good time and that’s the way it should be for every bird owner that wishes his birds to be happy.

3. Spend time with your pet birds

Spend time with your pet birds

If you only have one bird you should strongly consider getting a friend. As the statistic shows that lone bird has a very high chance of getting depressed.

If you don’t have the option to get at a friend you should spend at least half a day with your lone bird.

If you have a flock of birds you’re still not entirely excused from being around and should spend your time with them as they recognize you as their owner and the source of their food, they will be happy to have you around.

4. Don’t be boring with food

As I mentioned earlier you won’t be happy with eating the same food every day nor will your bird. Providing a large variety of food isn’t only important for their health but also for their happiness.

Birds love to investigate and try new things even if they might seem a bit scared at first.

5. Don’t disturb your bird’s sleep

Don't disturb your bird's sleep

Your bird needs at least 10 hours of consistent sleep every single day. Parrots usually go to sleep when the sun sets and wake up as the sun rises. So try your best not to disturb your birds whether it be with noises or artificial lightning.

It’s best to cover their cage when they go to sleep. Just make sure there are sufficient breeding holes.

How to tell your bird you love it

Of course, you love your bird, but even with all the fancy toys and expensive cage you got for it your bird still doesn’t know how special it is to you.

Here, I’ll show you 5 ways to show your bird you love it in a language it will actually understand.

1. Put down your phone

Put down your phone

Your bird needs some face-to-face interactions every single day. Especially when you come home from work or school.

The first thing that you should do is to greet your bird. You don’t want your bird to feel like you’re avoiding it.

It’s waiting to get a reaction from you after not seeing you for a while and that’s why it’s important to put down everything that distracts you, like your phone, and give it 100 of your attention.

2. Give it its favorite food to make your bird love you

Give it its favorite food to make your bird love you

Food and love go together perfectly when it comes to showing your bird you love it. So it will be no surprise and kind of common sense that if you’ll feed your bird with its favorite treat and preferably from your own hands it will love you for it.

But try to avoid feeding it too many treats and save the pleasure for special occasions. You obviously don’t want your bird to gain too much weight and to risk itself too.

3. Respect your bird’s nature

Respect your bird's nature

Many owners prevent their birds from going about their natural instincts such as flying around the house and not letting them chew on stuff or even restricting their birds to certain areas because they’re afraid of their bird’s poop and mess.

Preventing your bird from doing all of those things are being selfish. Of course, you shouldn’t let it destroy your house but at the same time if you want to keep it happy and show it your love you should just let it be what it is a bird.

It’s important that you love your birds for who they are.

4. Use your high voice

It’s already proven that birds absolutely love it when their owner’s baby talks to them. They love high voices and sounds.

You can usually tell they love it because they’ll stop whatever it is they were doing and focus on you and your voice. You can try to read a book when they’re nearby or just sing to them while they’re sleeping.

5. Pretend to be a part of the flock

Pretend to be a part of the flock

Most parrots are naturally used to living as a flock and if you’ll try to fit in they’ll definitely fall for it.

You can be a part of your bird’s flock in many ways such as sharing food together. You can give it bites of bird-safe food that’s a great way to bond and show affection. Just make sure it doesn’t bite the parts you bit from as human saliva can be toxic for a bird.

Another way to be a part of their flock is to move your finger around their back. It makes them feel as if you’re taking a part of their bath as well.

And of course, you can take an advantage of every opportunity you get to play with them.

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