How to keep your budgie happy [5 Easy Ways]

How to keep your budgie happy [5 Easy Ways]

A happy budgie is a healthy budgie and if you clicked on this article it already means that you care a lot about your budgie and you want to do your absolute best to make sure your little buddy is happy.

5 Easy ways to keep your budgie happy

These are five ways to keep your budgie happy every day.

1. Stimulate your budgie to keep them happy

Stimulate your budgie to keep them happy

Imagine living your life the exact same way every day. Same toys, same environment, and same food sounds boring, doesn’t it?

Your budgie needs changes every now and then. If you want to keep your budgie happy you must consistently change and update its toys.

It’s not about putting a massive amount of toys in its cage and thinking that will do. But about keeping two to three main toys inside the cage and changing them every week or so. This will keep your budgie busy and interested in the new toys and it will never get bored.

Same with new perches. Change your budgie’s perches and their positions in the cage, so your budgie will investigate around the cage and find new things to do.

2. Roaming time

Roaming time

I know many people still keep their budgies caged all the time, without giving them the necessary free time outside their cage.

Unless your cage is huge and your budgies can fly inside giving your budgie some free time outside is a must. My budgie’s cage is only used for sleeping and eating time and they’re spending most of their time outside, flying around the room, playing, and having a good time.

And that’s the way it should be for every budgie owner that wishes his budgies to be happy.

3. Spend time with your budgies to keep them happy

Spend time with your budgies to keep them happy

If you only have one budgie you should strongly consider getting your budgie a friend. As the statistics show that alone budgie has a very high chance to get depressed.

If you don’t have the option to get at a friend you should spend at least half a day with your loan budgie.

If you have a flock of budgies you’re still not entirely excused from being around and should spend your time with them as they recognize you as their owner and the source of their food, they will be happy to have you around.

4. Don’t be boring with food

Don't be boring with food

As I mentioned earlier you won’t be happy with eating the same food every day, nor will your budgie. Providing a large variety of food isn’t only important for their health but also for their happiness.

Budgies love to investigate and try new things, even if they might seem a bit scared at first.

5. To keep your budgie happy don’t disturb their sleep

To keep your budgie happy don't disturb their sleep

Your budgie needs at least 10 hours of consistent sleep a day. Budgies usually go to sleep when the sun sets and wake up as the sun rises.

So try your best not to disturb your budgies whether it be with noises or artificial lightning. It’s best to cover their cage when they go to sleep. Just make sure there are sufficient breathing holes.

How much attention does a budgie need?

Allow him to warm up at his own rate by going slowly, being patient, and kind. The more time you can spend in his company, the better; I would recommend at least 3 or 4 hours every day in his company for sociability. Toys will be his favorite!

How do you know if your pet budgie is happy?

Chirping, clicking, chattering, singing, and whistling are among the sounds that happy budgies make. They’ll want to do things like play, fly, eat, groom, and socialize. They’ll bob their heads, open their wings slightly, tilt their heads, twitch their wings, and tilt their heads because body language is the most telltale clue.

Can budgies be happy on their own?

Can budgies be happy on their own?

Budgies do get lonely from time to time. On the other hand, many budgies are suited to being alone and do not experience loneliness as long as their human “flock” provides them with sufficient connection and care.

How do I know my budgie is bored?

Birds who are feather picking, screaming, or biting because they are bored or uninterested should be given engaging toys as well as a television to watch – or at the very least a radio to listen to. Their owners should strive to provide them with extra attention and as much time outside the cage as possible.

Do budgies like to watch TV?

Parakeets are a diverse group of birds that include everything from small budgies to larger Alexandrines and Rosellas, to mention a few. In general, parakeets may learn to converse and, because they enjoy being entertained, they find television to be soothing.

Is my budgie depressed?

Aggression. An abrupt change in personality is one of the largest and most clearly apparent symptoms that a bird is in depression. Aggression is a common manifestation of this, especially in parrots.

What music do budgies like?

Classical music, but not just classical music, is one of the most popular genres among budgies. They seem to enjoy listening to difficult classical music.

I hope with all these tips you will be able to keep your budgie happy. You can also check out other insightful blogs on animal care on our website.

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