How to feed baby budgies [Easy Guide]

how to feed baby budgies

Whether you want to hand feed your budgies for bonding purposes or the parents stopped feeding them for whatever reason. In this article, I will show you how to feed your baby budgies.

The first thing you need to start feeding baby budgies is the hand feeding formula. There are plenty of formulas out there. Make sure you get one that’s intended for budgies.

How to prepare the hand feeding formula?

How to prepare the hand feeding formula?

Every brand of formula has its own directions on how much water and how much powder should be mixed together.

For example, the formula I use suggests one part powder and 2.5 parts water for a budgie that’s 5 days or older. I only hand-feed my baby budgie. So I mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 2.5 teaspoons of water approximately.

But for more budgies, you should prepare more formula. Overall you want the consistency of applesauce.

When you prepare the formula you need to make sure that the temperature is 103 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit or 39 to 42 degrees Celsius.

This is very important so make sure to use the thermometer. If it’s too cold your budgie might not digest it properly and if it’s too hot you’re risking burning your budgie’s crop.

How to hand feed baby budgies?

How to hand feed baby budgies?

Place your budgies on a paper towel as it’s about to get messy. Cup your hand around their bodies, very loosely and gently. This will provide them with warmth as they eat and they will also feel secure this way.

Place the tip of the syringe on the right or left side of your budgie’s beak and push the formula out very slowly.

How much should you feed your baby budgies?

How much should you feed your baby budgies?

The food consumption of young budgies must increase to keep up with their rapid growth. A budgie chick will consume 2-4 ml per feeding when it is two weeks old, depending on its size. This rises to 4-6 ml at three weeks and 5-8 ml by week five.

Make sure you’re not overfeeding your budgies. Not all budgies know when to stop eating.

So pay attention to their crop by grabbing it very gently. The crop needs to feel slightly firm when it’s full.

How often should you feed your baby budgies?

How often should you feed your baby budgies?

Baby budgies at two to three weeks will need to be fed every three to four hours.

Once the chicks are four weeks old you can begin fitting them every 5 hours. The crop needs to be empty before every feeding.

At this age, the crop needs to be fully empty once every 24 hours, meaning the rest of 8 hours from food at night is a must.

Cleaning your budgie after feeding

Cleaning your budgie after feeding

Cleaning your budgie very gently after each feeding is important. The feathers might become sticky and hardened which can cause issues with their growth.

You can try using a Q-tip with a bit of warm water to rub your budgie very gently and remove any excess food.

After you’re done feeding your baby budgies it’s important to make sure that their environment is warm with no drafts or ac turned on.

The warmth helps them digest their food properly.

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FAQs on how to hand feed baby budgies

How long can baby budgies go without food?

A healthy baby budgie may endure up to 48 hours without eating, however, it is not advised. The best thing to do is to teach the bird to expect meals on a regular timetable.

When can a baby budgie eat on its own?

The baby budgie should be able to begin learning to feed himself around the age of 4 weeks.

What do you feed a 2-week old budgie?

It is recommended that a 2-week-old baby budgie consume only about 4 ml of mixed food per feeding. To prepare such a small amount, follow the dosing instructions on the food mix package. Fill a little cup with the correct quantity of powder.

Do baby budgies drink water?

The food that their parents feed them provides them with all the hydration they need, thus young budgies don’t need to drink any water. But after only a few weeks, they will begin to look for the water container on their own.

Do baby budgies eat at night?

Feeding should ideally begin at six in the morning and last until midnight. Every two hours, the baby budgie has to be fed.

Do baby budgies drink milk?

Birds do not consume milk, and their digestive systems cannot handle it, unlike mammals. Unfortunately, it’s a widespread myth that feeding young birds by combining bread and milk is the best option. Avoid giving milk to birds at all costs as it may be poisonous.

When should I start hand feeding my budgie?

Once the chicks are 4 weeks old, you can start feeding them every 5 hours. You should stick to this schedule until the chicks are old enough to wean themselves. The only break you will need to take from this schedule is around eight hours at night to allow the crop to totally drain.

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