Budgie mutations, colors & varieties [Top 10 Budgie Types]

Budgie mutations, colors & varieties [Top 10 Budgie Types]

Budgies have everything in them. They’re colorful tiny, cute, and smart and they are the third most popular pet after dogs and cats. So just imagine how many budgie owners are out there. Budgies come in a variety of colors, mutations, and even sizes. Let’s take a closer look at these top 10 Budgie varieties & mutations.

Top 10 Budgie colors, varieties & mutations

1. The green budgie

The green budgie (Budgie mutations, colors & varieties)

Let’s start with the most popular color of budgies out there, which is the regular green and yellow budgie that you can also find in the wild. Well, that’s if you live in Australia.

This budgie collar doesn’t seem so rare. But what’s cool about it is that all colors started and came from this exact traditional green budgie.

2. The sky blue budgie

The sky blue budgie

Another extremely popular budgie collar is the blue budgie. It’s basically a green budgie minus the yellow which leaves just the light sky blue coloration.

3. The violet budgie

The violet budgie

Of all the budgie mutations, violet is the most stunning and one of the most difficult to breed.

According to conventional wisdom, a blue series bird must have both the Violet and Dark factors present in order to produce a Visual Violet.

Soon after the Dark factor was introduced and as blue budgerigars spread over the globe, violet budgies appeared in a number of nations at roughly the same time. Violet budgies were created in the early 1930s, according to Australian sources.

4. The gray budgie

The gray budgie

The gray variation of this budgie has basically lost all of its blue pigment and is now gray on most of its body.

The earliest recorded appearance of the gray budging mutation was in 1934 which was created by an unknown breeder in Australia.

5. The rainbow budgie

The rainbow

Unlike the bright and solid colors of the common budgie, rainbow budgies have softer collars. One slowly melting into the other. They would usually combine a yellow head, turquoise Violet body with light yellowish Wings.

6. The yellow budgie

The yellow budgie

Yellow budgies don’t only share the same color but many also share the same name, Tweety. They have a very unique look, they can either be completely yellow with no other colors or they can be mostly yellow with white patches on their face.

They shall not be mistaken with Latino budgies that have red eyes.

7. The pied budgie

The pied mutation

This is a mutation that can happen in many different budgie colors. It basically turns green budgies yellow with green patches and blue budgies white with blue patches.

Despite their complex coloring, pied budgies aren’t really rare.

8. The clearwing budgie

The clearwing

Clearwing budgies also come in a variety of colors and as their name goes they have clear white or pale yellow wings without black and dark spots.

9. The albino budgie

The albino budgie (Budgie mutations, colors & varieties)

Albino budgies are always white. This mutation removes all the melanin and all the dark colors in the feathers, skin, and eyes. They will also usually have red eyes instead of the usual black ones that most budgies do.

10. The English budgie

The English budgie (Budgie mutations, colors & varieties)

This budgie mutation started off in the 1800s for exhibition shows. The main difference between them and the Australian regular budgie is that they’re bigger with Long messy feathers and because of that, it can be difficult sometimes to see their eyes making them look very small.

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FAQs on budgie colors, varieties & mutations

What budgie mutations do blue budgies have?

There are about 30 mutations that change budgies’ color, the Blue budgies mutation being one of them. The recognized varieties Skyblue, Cobalt, Mauve, and Violet contain it as a component of their genetic structure.

What is the rarest budgie?

The Anthracite Budgie Mutation is a budgie mutation that is highly uncommon. The mutation alters budgies’ pigmentation, much like the Violet budgies mutation.

Is rainbow budgie a mutation?

By substituting the clearwing mutation for the spangle mutation, the rainbow spangle budgie is produced.

What is the rarest color of a budgie?

The rarest budgie mutation in the world is anthracite budgies, also known as dark grey budgies.

Do pink budgies exist?

The only colors red and pink are missing from the palette of available Budgies thanks to captive breeding initiatives.

What is a Creamino budgie?

The genetic abnormality in creamino budgies renders the bird’s entire body a solid shade of yellow or a white body with a yellow face.

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